Best Criminal Advocate High Court

Best Criminal Advocate High Court

Verma Law Associates’s Best Criminal Advocate High Court offers experienced legal representation for any type of criminal charge.

Whether it is sexual assault, domestic violence, Cheating, impaired driving, theft, or murder, our lawyers have the proven experience to advise and guide our clients facing criminal allegations. Our priority is to reach the best resolution or withdrawal of the charges as soon as possible. If an acceptable and timely resolution cannot be reached, we readily accept the challenge of defending our clients in court at trial. With our Best Criminal Advocate High Court, We do not back down until our clients are satisfied.

“Verma Law Associates” has successfully represented clients in Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana including the Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh and Supreme Court of India.

Accusations can ruin lives. Don’t let them

No one expects criminal charges.

False or exaggerated accusations are made against good people.

Those charged with a criminal offence feel frightened, confused, and uncertain of what lies ahead. Police investigations may seem incomplete. The prosecutor may seem unwilling to see things another way. The Court may seem unwilling to hear your matter expeditiously.

Our Best Criminal Advocate High Court can help

Best Criminal Advocate High Court

Our law firm offers a specialized service to people facing criminal charges. For each of our client’s we tailor a unique and effective approach towards their problems. We attend court, review the evidence, and negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain an acceptable result. We know to our clients that compromise is not an option when everything is on the line. If the prosecutor is unwilling to agree to an acceptable solution, we proceed to litigation to convince the Court of our clients’ defence.

We Listen to our Clients

The Best Criminal Advocate High Court in Chandigarh at Verma Law Associates, know that this is not about us, it’s about you.

We are available to our clients 24 hours a day in emergencies, and commitment to return communications promptly otherwise. We welcome client meetings, telephone calls, and electronic communications.  We encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with the file as much as possible.

Have a Question for one of our Criminal Lawyers? Schedule a Consultation

We offer initial consultations over the telephone and in person at no cost.

Some of the Services offered in Criminal Law are :

  • Legal Consultation;
  • Drafting of Complaints;
  • Case examination & Analysis;
  • Blanket Bail;
  • Anticipatory Bail;
  • Regular Bail;
  • Criminal Trial;
  • Criminal Revision before Sessions Court;
  • Criminal Appeal before Sessions Court;
  • Criminal Revision before High Court;
  • Criminal Appeal before High Court;
  • Direction Petition;
  • Quashing of FIR;
  • Quashing of Complaints;
  • Immigration Complaints;
  • Life & Liberty Writs;
  • Habeas Corpus Writ;
  • Murder Trials;
  • Murder Appeals;
  • NDPS Matters;
  • Regular Bail under NDPS;
  • NDPS Appeal before Division Bench of High Court.

Welcome to Verma Law Associates, Best Criminal Advocate High Court